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Mutual Kazakh-Kyrgyz literary translation

Nurmakhanova Marzhan Kalzhanovna; Erzhanova Zhanna Borisovna

The activity of the famous Kazakh literary critic Kalzhan Nurmakhanov was observed in the article; this great person began to study Kyrgyz literature in the 1950s of the twentieth century and was the author of numerous articles published in Kazakh and Kyrgyz press. The critic made a significant contribution to the development of mutual Kazakh – Kyrgyz literary translation. 

Source: Mutual Kazakh-Kyrgyz literary translation

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Nurmakhanova, M. and Erzhanova, Z. 2018. Mutual Kazakh-Kyrgyz literary translation. Actual problems of applied sciences Journal World. 10 (Dec. 2018), 28-31. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2065498.

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