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Khojali genocide in Turkey media [2001-2018]

Pashayeva Aynura

When Khojali genocide took place Turkey media showed its greatest activity of reflection tragedy in 1992. Khojali genocide was reflected in Turkey active media outlets – “Cumhuriyet”, “Hürriyet”, “Milliyet”, “Türkiye” newspapers and “Azerbaycan Türk kültür” journal. In now time there is a need to convey the Khojaly genocide to the world media more widely, which is of great importance for the promotion of our genocidal realities to our world community.  The basic aim of investigation of Khojaly genocide to determine the Turkey media approach for  Khojaly genocide, based on facts on media samples of Armenian atrocities and genocide, to reveal the main causes of the genocide, to analyze the Khojaly genocide fact in the world press and support of Turkey. There are many scientific papers about Khojaly genocide in the world media, however was not investigated in complex on the basis of Turkey media during 2001-2018. This once again demonstrates the degree of scientific innovation of the research.

Source: Khojali genocide in Turkey media [2001-2018]

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