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Humanitarian and Socio­-Economic Sciences Journal

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Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Sciences is an international journal devoted solely to research in this important field. It provides an environment for research that may not appear in more specialized journals, either because of the interdisciplinary or applied nature of the study, or from the mathematical / quantitative nature of the study. Thus, the journal serves as a focal point for research that has so far appeared in widely distributed sources and / or less suitable sources. Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Sciences strongly encourage contributions regarding the application of quantitative models and methods to address important problems in the service sector and in the public sector. Of particular interest are the accounts of such studies conducted in developing countries and in the economically developing regions of the world. Also of interest are articles in important methodological and substantive areas. The main criterion used in assessing the manuscript submitted to the journal is: uniqueness or innovation in the work from the point of view of the methodology being developed and / or its application to a problem of particular importance in the public sector or service sector and / or the setting in which the efforts, for example, in the developing region of the world. That is, the very model / methodology, application and context of problems, at least one of them must be unique and important. Additional criteria considered in the consideration of the submitted documen…

Source: Humanitarian and Socio­-Economic Sciences Journal

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